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Neither ninety, nor seventy, nor one hundred… Ochenta Grados. Because the key to this restaurant is precisely the temperature. And eighty is the upper limit so that the food maintains all its properties and original flavor.  And not just because low-temperature cooking is in fashion, which it is. Nor because Ochenta Grados is, which it undoubtedly is.

The eighty degrees menu presents a technological advance that left us speechless, since it is available in 3D and you can see the dishes in virtual reality on your table before ordering them. In addition, also on the menu you will find nutritional information of the products such as calories, fats etc…, allergens and tolerances for pregnant women.

And on this occasion, I have to start talking about the drink, which deserves a special mention. You can’t go to Ochenta Grados and not try their Dis-tinto de verano with lemon foam (3’6€). It doesn’t matter if you are a beer or wine drinker, if you don’t go for the tinto de verano… here you have no excuse! Although I have to say that they have an Agua de Valencia that doesn’t look bad either…

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Desserts to go up to heavenThe time for those with a sweet tooth, the time to finish a meal or dinner with a lot of sweets is also a good time at 80 Grados. We lose our heads for their specialties that we already tell you are well worth ordering: their creamy and soft cheesecake, comparable to the best in Madrid, and the Milk with cookies. When you try them you will remember us and you will thank us for it.

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The philosophy of ochenta grados is based on the maximum respect for the properties of the product, so whenever possible they cook at less than 80 degrees so that they are not lost. Most of their products are of proximity since they have many local suppliers. Their offer is almost all tapas and mini-plates -for two people- and the menu includes hot and cold dishes -these include three with larger portions to share- and desserts.

We ordered some dishes to share between two people and others individually, but ended up trying everything. We had salmorejo with Parmesan ice cream and Iberian ham; Parmesan eclair stuffed with steak tartar with mustard mayonnaise, salmon tartar with avocado cream and mango gazpacho.

Roast duck with Japanese curry, curried prawn patty with cherry ketchup; crispy squid sandwich on glass bread with tomato vinaigrette and lemon mustard; truffled egg with potatoes and ham; teriyaki salmon with sesame and ginger crust, and Iberian ham croquettes. For dessert, baked cheesecake with salted toffee, oreo cookies with dulce de leche ice cream and lemon white (yogurt texture made with lemon white chocolate).

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A: Yes, for most of the dishes we use a cooking technique used in haute cuisine based on cooking at low temperature. For example, we vacuum-pack the sirloin with a little oil and salt, we put it in a container of water with an apparatus used in chemistry laboratories called ¨roner¨ that keeps the water at a constant temperature. In this case, we cook the meat for 45 minutes at 65 degrees. With this technique, the meat proteins behave differently than if we cook the meat on the grill or in the oven. Also, since the product is vacuum-packed, it is cooked with its own water, thus preserving all its flavor.

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