Renting tecnológico santander particulares

renting cars

Renting Santander is a new way of acquiring a vehicle without buying it. It is a long-term lease, in which you pay a fixed monthly fee for the car, insurance policy and the usual expenses derived from its use.

At the end of the leasing contract, the lessee may purchase the vehicle or, if not, return it. If the lessee wishes to purchase the vehicle, the price is previously agreed and established in the contract.

Santander Consumer leasing is the most economical and simple solution for contracting a new vehicle. The advantages of the service include favorable tax treatment for companies and the self-employed, exclusive quarterly offers, excellent image and greater security.

As a self-employed or company, you have a series of economic advantages in the leasing process. You get a favorable tax treatment, which is reflected in a VAT deduction as long as the vehicle is used in the development of your economic activity.

Services include equipment insurance, claims management, the possibility of integrating various equipment from different suppliers and brands in the same contract and the optional BansaTec maintenance service.

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The new context of the boom in both teleworking and online training has highlighted our dependence on new technologies, and has also exposed a sometimes invisible reality: the digital divide. Universal access to the Internet is still not a reality for the entire population, usually for economic and geographical reasons.

Aware of the difficulties faced by companies and individuals themselves to keep up to date, Santander Renting offers a wide and varied range of technological equipment in comfortable fixed monthly rentals, so that they can have or change the equipment they need when they need it.

santander financing

For this reason, and taking into account that technological products can be expensive, companies and individuals need new forms of financing, which is why the leasing of technological equipment is becoming an increasingly common trend.

Leasing is a form of rental that has enjoyed great success in the automotive sector for decades. One of the keys to its widespread implementation in the market was to lower the final price of new vehicles through a lease in which any type of incident was covered by the dealer or the company, and was not borne by the customer. Its premises were to offer competitive prices and convenience in management.  These are two concepts that consumers also tend to look for in other services, as in the case of technological equipment, whose importance is central to both professional and private life. In this context, IT leasing can be defined as the rental of equipment through a contract with a service provider to whom a fixed fee is paid.

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The use of new technologies in the energy saving sector, such as LED or fiber optics, is generating significant savings in energy consumption (between 40% and 70%), while providing greater performance than conventional equipment.

Renting will allow you to face these investments with a monthly payment that, together with the energy savings that the change will provide, will allow you to save from the first day without having to make initial investments.

If the company belongs to the hospitality, commerce and industry sector, you can opt for this form of leasing that allows you the use and enjoyment of various types of machinery and facilitates the change of the same once the contract ends.

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