Foster hollywood ciudad real

Foster hollywood ciudad real

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12/10/2021: I’m not going to talk about the food…the value for money is none…the worst vegetable tempura I’ve ever tasted and so on with most of the dishes…BUT THE SHAME IS THE 2.50 SERVICE CHARGE. But why is that? In total 17.50€ for sitting down? I don’t get it. A restaurant of the bunch.
23/09/2021: Exquisite craft beer, with a super attractive menu to the palate, full of color, flavor and aromas, international food made with local and seasonal products, be sure to try the chef’s suggestions each week with a happy ending thanks to its fantastic and amazing desserts.
07/10/2021: Recommendable place. The girls have served us well and have been very nice, the food also well. But the guy in charge of bringing the drinks and food in my company does not last two days.
12/10/2021: Sunday night 10/10/21 blonde waitress scorned because after asking at the table that how was the dinner is answered that bad, because in addition to taking an eternity to serve it does so with cold food, hamburger bun chewing gum and hot drink. He lacked time to call my attention with very bad manners for putting on my mask just when we got up to leave, you can prove the veracity of my testimony by reviewing the cameras if they have them. The social distance was respected because there were hardly any occupied tables and of course if the premises complied with the regulations they would be at the distance required by law. Despite not being obliged to put on the mask if I keep the social distance I put it on out of respect for the rest of the diners even before they called my attention. With staff of this caliber, the franchise will not prosper. I would not repeat by mistake.

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HostelService Digital.- Enjoying American food is within reach of the puertollaneros with the opening of the first Fosters Hollywood in the municipality. The establishment, located in Paseo María Auxiliadora, hopes to become a reference for those who want to taste American hamburgers, the tastiest grilled ribs or Tex-Mex dishes, in a 100% cinematic atmosphere.
The new establishment has a capacity for a total of 116 diners and a total size of 235 m. Its strategic location and innovative character make it a safe choice for all those who want to enjoy an American meal with friends or family. With this new opening, Fosters Hollywood hopes to become a reference for those who want to taste the authentic American hamburgers, the tastiest grilled ribs or the genuine Tex-Mex dishes, in a 100% cinematic atmosphere.
Magna Marbella will be located in a natural environment less than 10 minutes from the two main beaches of Marbella -La Fontanilla and Playa de Venus-, the Marina and the city center. Club Med

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An appeal is made to both neighbors and neighbors of Alcazar de San Juan and throughout the region to perform PCR tests for the diagnosis of other possible cases, a process in which the municipality itself collaborates.
«The call is made for families, groups of friends, customers who have gone to the restaurant in the period between 11 and 16 December,» said from the Consistory.
People who are in this situation should call the same Friday urgently to the above phones to arrange appointments to go to the Hospital Mancha Centro where the tests will be performed.
People who are in this situation should call today, Friday, December 18, urgently to the above phones to arrange appointments to go to the Hospital Mancha Centro where the tests will be performed».

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