Trencas el corte ingles

Trencas el corte ingles

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In November 2009 they released a new album again by Roadrunner Records, called «Sesión#2». It is a re-recording and mastering of the band’s first album of the same name, the one known as «Negro». They sign Tue Madsen again for the production and mixing of this new album.
On November 29, 2011 the band releases a new album called «Cadenas de Odio», which was recorded during the summer of 2011. The production and mastering is again in charge of Tue Madsen. It features the collaboration of Carlos (Non Servium) as well as groups like The Eyes, Crisix and Moksha in the chorus of certain songs.
At the end of 2012, Roberto the drummer, stops playing with the band to recover from a shoulder injury. After undergoing various treatments, and seeing that his improvement will take longer than expected, in August 2014 he decides to leave Soziedad Alkohólika for good. Therefore, the drummer Alfred Berengena joins the band as a temporary replacement,[4] and after Roberto’s departure he becomes the official drummer of the band.

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