Restaurante la guapa madrid

Restaurante la guapa madrid

Restaurante la guapa madrid 2021

potito style la gabinoteca

I have seen that in avda monasterio de silos between the pharmacy and the block of supermecados madrid are doing works in a place that already has the sign of cafe «la guapa»…anyone has heard anything else?thanks.
The truth is that this bunch gets the spoon in all topics whether it comes or not to story, but as the forum is rather quiet, the «funny» interventions are appreciated even if they have some childish eagerness for general they seem nice and their jokes do not attack anyone as some trolls of a few months ago.greetings.
Markel it is not about taking things with humor or not it is about respecting others who are not your little group. One’s freedom ends where the freedom of the next person begins. And in this case, you are bullying others but you don’t want to understand it. It has NOTHING to do with humor. Greetings

marlon – my macarena (direct joy eslava)

Large dimensions (spectacular kitchen, two floors, infinite windows…) for a great cook, a chef with craft, a passionate who has recruited suppliers throughout the country, mainly from the northern coast. From the Jaizkibel, a mountain overlooking the sea and Hondarribia, to the heat of the crackling embers comes down his old cow chop (40-45 days of maturation), an extraordinary end of party that you can start with a chistorra of Arbizu and some outstanding vegetables, all marked on the grill. Sensibility, neatness and rigor. The cheesecake takes the postscript.
Very close to their two-starred mother house, Coque, Mario, Rafa and Diego open this second and beautiful place, which aims to be a modernized restaurant where, in addition to recovering almost forgotten dishes of the traditional recipe book, sustainability plays a fundamental role. A new horizon opens for its business viability and new tables await all diners fond of stews, interior food, the depth of flavor that only time offers.  Read moreSergio AlbertMo de Movimiento

caso cerrado | accidental ejaculation | telemundo english

In the discotheque Bocaccio there was a long bar with high stools upholstered in maroon next to a dance floor that opened every day at 11:22 pm. The minimum drink cost 125 pesetas.
The regulars of the discotheque Bocaccio were not characterized by an active communist militancy, but by their anti-Francoism. The communists derogatorily called them the «Communist Party of Cadaqués».
Bocaccio took Barcelona by storm and the model was exported to other places on the Costa Brava, such as the Maddox in Playa de Aro, the Revolution in Lloret de Mar, the Marinada, the Arboleda in Palamós and the Palladium. And together with Antonio Gades he created the Palamós Flamenco Festival.
When Oriol Regás sensed that times were changing, he sold the Bocaccio in Barcelona to Pere García Pérez Plata, (1982) a night businessman who had also collaborated in the creation of Bocaccio and who had other boites in Mollet del Vallés.
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