Poète el corte inglés

Poète el corte inglés


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poète meaning

With caution and every day more and more reasons to leave our lips uncovered outdoors without mascara, the time is ripe to show off a beautiful mouth. And we suggest you do it with the best lipsticks that are not red (like Lily Collins) and that are always flattering because of their soft tones that enhance your skin tone in this area and give them a subtle color with different textures.
Finally the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived, the removal, but with great caution and keeping a safe distance from the obligatory use of the mask outdoors. Now we can show off our favorite lipstick shades again without fear of the color moving underneath it. But, since it is summer and we want very natural colors that do not spoil our makeup like red, nothing like betting on these lipsticks in lip color and that are not red that in addition to giving the right touch of color, do not blur the skin with mascaras and make you a beautiful mouth.

the english court

Reading of the tragedy The Orphan of China by Voltaire in the salon of Madame Geoffrin in 1755 (1812), by Lemonnier, Château de Malmaison. It was commissioned by the Empress Josephine. Among those present, in the presence of a bust of Voltaire, then in exile, are among others Montesquieu, Rousseau and numerous other encyclopedists and thinkers of the French Enlightenment.
He is lean and dry-tempered; his bile is burnt, his face haggard and his spirit witty and caustic; his eyes are bright and shrewd. Lively to the point of stupefaction, he is a fiery one who comes and goes, flashes and dazzles you.[6].
He was fed up with the idle and turbulent life of Paris, with the crowd of petimetres, with the bad books printed with the approval and privilege of the King, with the cabals of men of letters, with the baseness and brigandage of the wretches who disgrace literature.[17]
When Rousseau published in 1755 his Discourse on Inequality, which complemented his Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts (1750), Voltaire began to rebel against the Genevan. His criticism of civilization, his denunciation of «luxury», his entrenchment of the principle of social inequality in the concept of property and his exaltation of the primitivism of the pre-romantic Rousseau could only meet with the incomprehension of Voltaire, who responded with his usual irony:

poet outlet

This blog is going to take a long break so that I can focus on other writings. I’ll be back in early fall, on October 14 to be exact, with new readings from here and elsewhere: comics, short stories, poetry, classic and contemporary literature and more.
«I sometimes feel that Baudelaire was the first to see the world laid out before him. In any case, the first in poetry. At the same time, he considerably increased the scope of the poetic field. For him, poetry had to have its feet on the ground, to speak about everyday things, while having unlimited aspirations towards the ideal. This tension between two extremes makes him, in my opinion, the most important poet. It really brought new demands, being both earthly and heavenly and not letting go on either point.»

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