El blog de paula echevarria instagram

El blog de paula echevarria instagram

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Paula Echevarría has been stagnant in the professional field for a long time. Although the actress is considered one of the most important influencers in our country, it is worth remembering that her career as an actress is still active, but it is precisely this facet that is costing her the most to get afloat. At the time there was talk that Paolo Vasile gave her the opportunity to star in the miniseries Después del amor, the adaptation of the novel of the same name by journalist and writer Sonsoles Ónega, but little is known about this project.

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Paula Echevarría turns everything she touches into gold. And is that the actress and influencer turns into trend all the looks she publishes on her Instagram account, where she already has nearly three and a half million followers.
As can be seen in her Instagram account, the Asturian actress has shown off her increasingly bulging pregnant belly with a warm camel-colored eights sweater with turn-down collar. It is a Stradivarius garment that sells for a price of 25.99 euros and is still available on the brand’s website in all sizes. Quite a miracle for a product chosen by the influencer, who sells out everything she wears through her social networks.
Despite having closed her blog in the magazine «Elle», «Tras la pista de Paula», the actress has not stopped sharing daily her increasingly applauded outfits. Radiant at six months pregnant, Paula Echevarría has combined the sweater – also available in colors like lilac, gray or ecru – with jeans also from Stradivarius and boots from Mango, demonstrating how to face this cold in low cost key. As accessories, the Asturian, faithful to Gucci, has worn a shoulder bag of the Italian house, and a plaid coat in brown tones of Alejandra Montaner.

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En 2007 protagonizó junto a Álex González el drama Luz de domingo de José Luis Garci. La película obtuvo 5 nominaciones a los Premios Goya de la academia de cine española y fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar.
En 2008 volvió a trabajar para José Luis Garci en Sangre de mayo. Esta película celebraba el bicentenario del levantamiento del Dos de Mayo. Recibió siete nominaciones a los Premios Goya y también fue una de las tres candidatas españolas a los Premios Oscar[3].
De 2010 a 2013 fue una de las protagonistas de la serie de TVE-1 Gran Reserva, rodada en la región española de la Rioja sobre los negocios del vino y las rencillas familiares. Entre los actores también estaban Ángela Molina y Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.
De 2014 a 2016 Echevarría es uno de los protagonistas de Velvet, la serie de prime time de Antena 3, junto a Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Marta Hazas, José Sacristán, Amaia Salamanca, Manuela Velasco y Cecilia Freire. La serie se desarrolla a finales de los años 50 y se centra en el amor entre una costurera y el rico heredero de unos grandes almacenes[10].

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However, Cazamariposas has detected something else behind her looks. From the Mediaset program they accuse the actress of fusillating in her blog the ideas of other bloggers and it girls of fashion, both national and international, published a couple of weeks or days before those of Bustamante’s wife.
«Paula should not be a style reference because she is not original with her looks. She doesn’t set trends, she just wears the trends worn by others,» says blogger Laura Martinez of the blog Chloe, who uncovered several examples of similar outfits worn by the actress and other bloggers. Social networks and users did the rest to discredit Paula Echevarría.
The anger of Paula EchevarríaThe accusations of plagiarism and the hashtag #copypaula launched from Cazamariposas have not sat well at all to Paula Echevarría. «There are opinions for all groups. They are opinions. I have not seen it, because my religion forbids me to watch this kind of programs. That group of channels really pisses me off. In my house we are more of Antena 3,» said the actress quite annoyed in statements collected by Divinity’s own program.

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