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Rogues book

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Inspired by Mexico and its influence on California in the early eighteenth century, in this resort you can enjoy the joy and energy of Latin cultures. In addition, you can enjoy its wonderful gastronomy in its fantastic restaurants.

Feel like Simba in the middle of the African savannah. With more than 200 exotic animals in the vicinity of the resort, you can enjoy a sunset only available during the great safaris, and all from your own room.

The lightning tree pdf

Read this story to your children to discover how the animals of the forest celebrate Christmas, when one day a truck arrived with a special delivery: the Christmas tree. It was big and leafy, a striking green. It was the biggest tree he had ever seen. And that was precisely the problem.

This is a book for all kinds of kings: rich and poor, loved and feared, lost and found, and for all kinds of Fermines: impatient or lazy, moderate or insatiable. A book that talks about the things we want and what happens when we get them, and even what happens when we can’t have them.

Gerda and Kay are close friends, they love each other like siblings. They are neighbors and love to play together. One winter day, as the snowflakes form figures as they fall on the windowpane, Kay’s grandmother tells them about the snow queen, beautiful and white.

That same night, as Kay watches the snow fall, a large flake lands on the window, transforming into the snow queen. From that moment on Kay is never the same again, until one day she disappears in a sled driven by the queen herself. It is then that Gerda begins to search for him, tirelessly, but it will not be so easy to find him.

Fantasy books

«Then there are certain dates, like Christmas now, when I get many more packages than I can deliver. The delivery people I work with already know that, I only take up to a limit and after that there is a queue and people have to wait. Everyone wants to pick up the packages at the same time and on the same day and that can’t be.»

One might think that Jose Miguel wants the more packages the better for one reason: the more packages, the more commission income. But nothing could be further from the truth. The commission per package is very low, cents. To earn about 100 euros a month, it would be necessary to deliver 300 packages, that is, ten packages a day.

«The main reason for becoming a collection point is to get people in, regardless of the fact that it doesn’t generate much income because the commission is very low. If I deliver 300 boxes a month that’s theoretically 300 customers that should come in, right?».

Juan also states that «what you pay for commission tends to zero». He, like Jose Miguel, does it for two very clear reasons, «one is for proximity marketing». The collection points are always close to home, so people in the neighborhood know about the store that perhaps otherwise they would not.

The name of the wind saga

Set against the backdrop of the American gold rush, a dedicated doctor (Gary Cooper) treats a visually impaired woman (Maria Schell) and restores her sight. The girl wishes to marry him, but the doctor disappears, ordering his bank to provide Maria with a monthly sum so that she can get by in the harsh wasteland in which they both survive rather than live. As time goes by, she acquires the rights to exploit a mine and finds gold. The doctor, on the other hand, falls into the hands of fanatics who lead him to the gallows. Maria runs off with the deed of his exploitation and offers it to the executioners in exchange for the doctor’s salvation. In this way both escape from the dark ghosts that haunt them and face a future that we want to brighten.

Today, in reality and in Palma de Mallorca, Ali, a prisoner, is torn between the darkness of drug addiction, the pain that has led him to take the life of Wanda, his pregnant wife, his son Mohamed and a questioning human justice. Here, too, a background of injustice shadows the atmosphere: human beings who sell drugs, human beings who consume them and, all of them, mourners.

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