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Original loden coat for men Scelto brand. Military green color, with two front pockets and two inside pockets (one with button and one with zipper). It is fastened with large buttons that are covered by a flap so that they are not seen when the coat is closed. In very good condition, little use. Size 2XL, quite large.50 EUR

Lightweight and elegant, has a flaw in the neck that is not noticeable, but that’s why I sell it so cheap. Rest brand new, you can see in the inner lining that is new. It can be unisex because it is very simple15 EUR

Set of skirt and jacket Loden, made in Austria by the prestigious brand Loden Prankl. Skirt brand Scheiber Tyrol size 44. Both pieces well maintained and unmarked. Prefer hand treatment, shipping by registered mail at buyer’s expense (no returns, ask for additional photos to ensure purchase)100 EUR

Tyrolean Loden coat made in Austria, Steinbock Luxus Himalaya, men’s club boutique. Color grey, size L 42/44. 88% pure Virgin wool and 20% Alpaca. A luxury coat, new condition, you can see it without obligation. I do not haggle, this coat is worth more than 8 times what I sell it for, high quality. Reduced!!! due to the need of space. You can see it without commitment and try it on . No shipping , delivery and collection in hand . Did not answer chat ridiculous.40 EUR

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