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They are something that never go out of fashion. Converse sneakers are in every closet in the world, or almost every closet. Very simple sneakers, but at the same time very characteristic and that you surely want to know how to combine with your daily outfit.

Do you have high or low Converse? Well, that’s the first question you have to answer. If you have both types, the better, because you will have even more options and combinations to play with in your closet.

Matching a pair of low top Converse sneakers is almost as easy as taking anything from your closet and putting it on. It’s not an exaggeration; they go with practically everything, even with more dressed up clothes and for special occasions.

In the case of having colored Converse, a very good idea is to combine them with white and/or black garments. It is a good way to give a touch of color to your look that brings a little more freshness and youth to your whole appearance.

On the other hand, if what you have are black Converse, the most traditional ones, you won’t have any problems either. They go perfect with jeans of any kind, and if you top them off with a white shirt, all the better.

Bartabac fashion blog

I was saving these photos for a special occasion and what better than this day to publish them. We took them last October in Paris, during Fashion Week and on this wonderful bridge, the Pont Alexandre III, a privileged place in the city of light where I really wanted to have some photos as beautiful as these and that you too, I hope you like them.

I wish you a lot of HAPPINESS: so necessary to keep smiling day after day. Everyone knows what makes them happy and who makes them happy, so live it with respect for others, each one chooses their own path and is tracing it according to their principles.


El nicho de los blogs de estilo de vida es uno de los más competitivos. Los blogueros de estilo de vida compiten con las revistas digitales de estilo de vida, en un nicho que ya está bastante saturado. Por eso, los blogs de estilo de vida que consiguen un gran número de lectores tienen un alto nivel de diseño y contenido.

Las revistas online suelen tener grandes presupuestos, una edición impresa y otra digital, y contenidos variados y bien redactados, con fotos profesionales. Pero los blogs de estilo de vida tienen la ventaja de que pueden ofrecer nuevos contenidos cada día si así lo desean. El acceso a los blogs de estilo de vida es gratuito, mientras que a las ediciones digitales de las revistas sólo se puede acceder mediante suscripciones de pago.

Para que un blog de estilo de vida prospere, los autores tienen que ofrecer contenidos excelentes y precisos y fotos que creen interés y capten la imaginación de los lectores. Los blogueros de estilo de vida han elevado su nivel de exigencia para competir con lo mejor de las revistas online y otros blogs de estilo de vida.

Un blog de estilo de vida se define como un contenido digital que representa la vida cotidiana y los intereses del autor. La palabra «estilo de vida», según el diccionario, significa «hábitos, actitudes, normas morales, que en conjunto constituyen el modo de vida de una persona o grupo determinado». (fuente: dictionary.com)

Marilyn’s closet fashion blog

Rebeca is an influencer, personal shopper, wedding planner, she is dedicated to the organization of events and is closely linked to communication with her own company atl communication. Why is she the protagonist of ‘Me inspiras’? Because she was one of the first people I met when I started this project, we joined a career and since then her personality and passion for what she does hooked me.

Keeping your feet on the ground and having people around to remind you from time to time, Rebeca knows a lot about that and I invite you to discover it for yourselves. You are going to hear a great dose of naturalness, fed by the calmness of her voice and the passion she puts into everything she does. Thank you Rebeca for this beautiful talk.

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