Santa cena juan de juanes

Santa cena juan de juanes

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The gestures and gazes of the apostles are concentrated in it, who are individualized by their features and by the golden inscriptions on their nimbuses. With the theatricality of their hands and the intensity of their faces, they personify different reactions to Christ’s words: astonishment, abandonment, veneration, fear…
The arrangement of figures is ordered by the table, worked almost as if it were a still life, with a meticulous treatment of each motif, differentiating the textures, from the roughness of the bread, to the transparency of the wine or the reflection of the light on the metal. Bread and wine, Eucharistic references, are cut out on the white tablecloth, an important focus of light in the painting. The painter concentrates our attention on the chalice represented before Christ, a pictorial image of the Holy Grail preserved in the Cathedral of Valencia.
Moreover, if we imagine it in its original location, when the priest raised the Sacred Form during the consecration on the altar of the Valencian church of San Esteban, his gesture would coincide with that of Christ, giving the painting its full meaning.

the last supper of da vinci

The tradition of the Holy Grail of ValenciaStudies date it in the first century from the East and the tradition explains that St. Peter took it to Rome and there it remained. Until Pope Sixtus II gave it to his deacon Saint Lawrence to protect it from the persecution of Emperor Valerian. And from the capital of the Empire he traveled to Huesca, the homeland of his squire. Now we have it in Hispania, where the course of history ended up installing the relic in the cathedral of Valencia.
«In the 17th century, the court painter of Philip III, Vicente Carducho, in the enormous dinner he painted for the Royal Monastery of the Incarnation also depicts it,» says Ruiz. «It was an almost national pride, not just Valencian,» and the artists attested to this in their works.
However, this was not the reason why it ended up being relegated to the museum’s non-visitable quarters. «When the Prado opened its doors, it was one of the top works, but fashions changed and it was too theatrical,» explains the expert. She herself was in charge of dusting it off from storage and now it occupies the central place in a room of its own that she shares with her father, the Macip saga.

last supper

In those times, there was no such thing as round, white bread, but toasted bread, more or less with a surface similar to that of a cake. However, according to the Passover custom, the food had to be made without yeast, which is called «unleavened bread».
But their influence did not stop and these powerful individuals could not bear to lose prestige and authority before the people. The event of the Temple was the straw that broke the camel’s back, because although he did well, it was without the knowledge of the powerful of the Temple and thus the authorities’ neglect was thrown in his face. All this meant that those influential Jews decided to put the Master to death, considering him a troublemaker.

el último suppermural de leonardo da vinci

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