Quien es el señor schmitt teatro español

Quien es el señor schmitt teatro español

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The old times in which a curtain received us on the proscenium or mouth of any theatrical hall, when we took our seat in a theater stalls, seem to be outdated, to the extent that it has become common for the scenery in any scenic proposal to receive us at sight, devoid of any mystery, quite a few minutes before the show begins, even the current prevailing rule dictates that some characters receive us, moving around the scene, even interacting with us, greeting us before the plot begins to run.
It is often said that people are, at the same time, in three different ways, on the one hand, as we think we are, on the other, as others see us and, finally, as we really are. And on the difference between these three profiles seems to investigate the proposal of Sebastien Thiéry in the original text of this play, that the good eye of Sergio Peris-Mencheta has captured for himself, embarking on an interesting project of which he is responsible for its version, director and producer through «Barco Pirata», as successful in it as he was last season with «Lehman Trilogy» demonstrating that he is going through his best creative stage, at least in my opinion.

Edu schmidt and his jewish cuisine venture «shleper» and «shleper».

Del final, of which little can be said, is a collective experimentation that proves that the life created on stage goes beyond and reaches the stalls. The existential chaos leaves many clues to shape questions about identity, love or what others see of us, among many other unfinished themes. The disguise falls and mutates in a montage in which discomfort and the constant need for real answers are also present.
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Second cycle that gives space to the most outstanding young jazz artists of the current national panorama. A showcase that shows us the different attitudes adopted today by the new generations of jazz.    JazzaEscena is a platform for young projects…
Love to the theater, love to the scene, love to the profession, Happy Theater Day! To enjoy the magical moments that the Theater gives us, we recommend you to watch the program Crónicas de RTVE La Tribu Follies.
The sad figures of our streets, the asphalt deeds, the lions and the windmills, the duel between the pen of a one-armed man and the living keyboard, the Cervantes of yesterday and the quixotes of today or the theatrical exhumation of Cervantes’ flesh will be some of the themes that will be presented in this program….
The main objective of the Playwriting Tournament is to promote our playwrights and playwrights and bring them closer to the audience. A total of eight will compete against each other, in two-on-two matches, until the champion is chosen. It consists of three rounds: quarterfinals,…

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Where is the limit of reality? Do we know if what happens to us is real or just a fiction? We find ourselves in a world where the line between reality and fiction is very thin, whether in the form of fake news, posturing on social networks or the dependence we have on cell phones and the internet, places where everything is diluted and we are not sure what is real and what is sold to us as such without being so.
The limits of reality lead us to distrust each of the scenes of this surprising story, which begins in a calm way to end in a whirlwind full of emotions in which everything appears out of tune, in a distorted reality in which everyone is left unsettled, in a situation of uneasiness, helplessness, which forces them to consider their own existence. Characters who are cornered by a reality that seems astonishing to say the least, in a world so separate from their own that it seems completely unreal.
Among the three supporting actors we must mention Quique Fernandez, who is superb in the roles that have more weight when it comes to blow up the whole story. His interpretations of the policeman and the doctor make everything explode, they are key points for the development of the play and the evolution of the members of the marriage. Two very different roles that he solves effectively, giving each of them a very different personality.

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