Juan manuel díaz burgos

«beach stories» by photographer juan manuel díaz burgos

January 22 – July 31, 2015Traveling photographer, he portrays not only life, but also the everyday, and hidden for many, of the images he contemplates, especially in Latin America, a place where he often goes. Nor does he have to go far to show with irony and acidity the uninhibited scenes of the people on the beaches of Cadiz, such as those in his series «Historias de playa» (Beach Stories).

He has exhibited more than eighty times individually, and more than ninety times collectively, in important galleries around the world. A tireless traveler, he has participated with his friend Castro Prieto in the printing of the work of the Peruvian photographer Martín Chambi, among many other ventures carried out throughout the five continents. Without leaving his native Murcia, he has carried out «Photography in the region of Murcia», the most ambitious project carried out around the photography of his region.

Most of the photographs that we will see in the boulevard correspond to works made in different trips around Cuba. Others are fresh, beach scenes, from his work «beach stories», to complete the exhibition with some images of the shipyards of Sestao.

juan manuel díaz burgos at ojos rojos festival 2020

Recently, a news item that defines the position of many politicians in the world of culture has come to light. That world that makes us think, remember and feel. The photographer Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos, whom I am not lucky enough to know personally, has published that one of his most beloved projects, called ‘Rota’, has been suspended due to disagreements with the city council of that town.

From the first moment the author commented on the situation in the networks he has obtained the support of everyone. Except for some who are not worth commenting on because of their biased view, but to whom one of his many friends has answered very well:

It is as if Dalí donates works to his people and the condition he puts is that it must be exhibited in a worthy place with a publication that collects the work and they tell him that they do not accept the donation because Dalí does it to exalt himself.

And what has happened is something that has been hitting photography for a long time. And that little by little is hurting all of us who are dedicated to it… or at least we enjoy it. Photography has become for many that thing you do with your cell phone and send by whatsapp. It is effortless, it is useless and certainly not worth spending money on it.

photographic exhibition of juan manuel díaz burgos

Today it is time to talk about Díaz Burgos, about his «Historias de playa», that magnificent series of photographs taken by a photographer who does not like the beach. Those popular beaches in the south, familiar, fun as few others, I know them well. Everything mundane happens there, everything is concentrated as in a Fellini sequence.

«Beach stories». I think this series of photographs has been growing and gaining over time. The other day I deliberately went to see her in Palencia where she was awarded the prestigious Piedad Isla prize. What I do not understand is how Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos has not yet been given the National Photography Award, maybe he is too much of a photographer for the winds that blow, his work deserves it, it is superb. These stories are just an appetizer; if you are curious or amateur, please visit his website and enjoy the work of this great photographer.

This series has been published a couple of times in book format, but Juan Manuel wants to make a third and definitive edition to his liking. Some of us admirers have suggested him to make a «crowdfunding», but he says that he is too old for these adventures. This book, edited as he wishes, will be a reference, if not, time will tell. Something priceless.

talk with juan manuel díaz burgos

Everything that surrounds this exhibition has been very inspiring: the choice of space is very successful, a place that I have visited several times and, on this occasion, I was surprised by the atmosphere that has been created around the photographic work. It is to enter and begin to breathe that atmosphere that invites reflection and to look at the details, because the details in this expo are important; the setting on the wall as an ibro that contrasts the images with each other: the moments, times and places make the visit very entertaining; the details that are on each floor, the selection of texts … even the book published for the occasion is well done.

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