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San lorenzo de vallejo (valle de mena, burgos)

As for the windows, also designed by the architect, they were built using as a constructive base a series of segmental arches, decorated on the inside with all kinds of floral motifs, and which are the best example of the flowery Gothic or Plateresque style. The construction of balconies in two heights formed by perimeter curved lines also contributed to the slenderness of the complex, while the Renaissance parapets and other parts were decorated with atlantes, caryatids and telamons. The vault of the dome located in the transept has an eight-pointed star and is of Muslim influence.

Vallejo’s style reflects his predilection for the ogival style, which predominated at the time, although he always tried to establish a unity between the architectural proportions and the peripheral decorations. This characteristic seems to be a constant throughout his production, as evidenced by the mausoleum he built for the chapel of Santiago, in the Cathedral itself, a work destined for the burial of Canon Juan Ortega Velasco, abbot of San Quirce, or the chapel of San Jerónimo de Mena, located next to the processional door of the cloister. As for the first chapel mentioned, this had been the parish of the cathedral since the 16th century, but Juan de Vallejo, between 1524 and 1534, carried out a work of enlargement of the same as well as the creation of the vault, in which the beautiful ribs converge in rosettes loaded with ornaments.

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Artists from Burgos Master stonemasons XVI century Builders Sculptors Burgos Ed. Institución Fernán González. 7 pages. 14 x 20 cm This brief work gathers the news about Juan de Vallejo. He carried out the reconstruction of the Cathedral’s transept. He had two lawsuits whose files are preserved and from which data are extracted BOOKS IN STORE. Please let us know before coming to the store to get them. FREE SHIPPING COSTS (up to 1 kilo). ORDERS UNDER 6 euros are charged 1 euro. N° de réf. du vendeur 10490

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After a long series of exhibitions, he was awarded in 1981 with the First National Watercolor Prize Caja de Madrid. But his most important work would take place in 1990, when the monks of Silos commissioned him a painting for the Chapter House of the Benedictine monastery. For eight months he painted Sileuros, a canvas measuring 6.15 x 6.00 meters that depicts the life of Saint Benedict inspired by his legends and miracles.

Vallejo is included in the list of the great painters of our time. His daily effort in art could be seen in the Anthology of Zamora: 250 large-format works filled the two cloisters of the University College of the Castilian city.

In the mansion and in the bakery, the north continues to beach its ice on the tiles and gutters, there the baking sharpens its icy journey of cellisca. It then enters through the skylights of the studio, impregnating my temples with the smell of freshly baked bread, to the point of reviewing my childhood and my early youth, as if a wizard alarm clock had been introduced by the fireflies.

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