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Pelayo Diaz has been harshly criticized on social networks for mixing, in an advertising post on Instagram, a famous brand of champagne with the crime of Samuel. This publication has not been liked by his followers, so the stylist has been forced to apologize for what happened and edit his text.

The followers of the influencer have considered that this publication was out of place, because nothing has to do the murder of the young man with the sponsorship of the alcoholic beverage. For this reason, Pelayo Díaz has rectified.

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Quién: Pelayo Díaz es un diseñador de moda, bloguero, DJ y un experto en todo tipo de oficios de España que ahora reside en Londres después de asistir a la prestigiosa escuela de moda Central St. Empezó con Kate Loves Me (en honor a Kate Moss) después de que sus amigos y familiares en España le pidieran ver las vistas, la moda y la gente que conoció durante su estancia en Londres. El resto es historia.

Por qué deberías seguirle: Pelayo ya no es sólo un bloguero, se ha convertido en toda una fuerza en el mundo de la moda. Casi inmediatamente después de comenzar su blog, editores, fotógrafos de calle, diseñadores y celebridades querían trabajar con él. En su feed puedes ver a través de su verdadero ojo artístico, y seguir sus viajes y sorprendentes trajes desde el front row de la Semana de la Moda de Nueva York hasta su ciudad natal, Madrid.

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In times of confinement, and unable to leave home, many are the influencers who, to feed their social networks and gain followers, are forced to pull reel and remember old times.

Something that Pelayo Diaz has not wanted to do. The former Cámbiame stylist has chosen to take a picture with her husband and share it on Instagram. A publication that, far from being liked, has been harshly criticized. What happened?

Among all the devastating comments that the fashion expert has received, if there is one that stands out above the rest is the following: «As a health professional: using a FP2 or 3 mask at home, where you have no risk of contagion, being hospitals in need of them, is ridiculous and ignorant». A message written by a doctor, knowing the difficult times being experienced in hospitals due to the coronavirus.  «Next time don’t be ridiculous and donate them», ends the comment.

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social networks. Nothing he says is well received by the cathodic tweeters. In fact, his two interventions in the program «Hormigas blancas» have ended faltal. In yesterday’s program, dedicated to

Avellaneda. In addition, we have to remember the controversial adoption of a mini-dog of race that came to him by messenger during the confinement or his announcement that he is considering «to have children», we suppose that not himself, but by

surrogacy. It does not seem that the influencer is very in touch with the world in the XXI century, but that his way of thinking and living has become old and the audience notices it. He has reset his name, that

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