Foro de la puerta de segura

Foro de la puerta de segura

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The Territorial Delegation of Health and Families, through the Jaen Northeast Health Area, will make available to all residents of La Puerta de Segura the necessary and free transportation to travel to the Hospital de Alta Resolución Sierra de Segura where they will continue to receive health care during the four months that is expected to last the works in the local medical office.
The delegate explained that she has been «in constant contact» with the Town Council of La Puerta de Segura and has considered «all the possibilities available to us, but we have had to rule them out because we could not ensure either the quality of care for users, or the safety of professionals».
The works of adaptation of the local clinic of La Puerta de Segura will have a maximum duration of four months and an investment of 363,000 euros to adapt the care area and the different spaces after the needs arising as a result of the pandemic.
On the other hand, the roof of the center, which is made of prefabricated panel, will be replaced by a built roof, together with a greater opening of the windows and the provision of an integral air conditioning system for the whole center.

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A draw will be made to establish the order of performance, which will be the same for all the tests to be carried out. The draw will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2013, at 9.30 a.m., in the assembly hall of the SEQUERO (Siles, Jaén).
The competition concludes at the moment of the announcement of the Prizes. Those contestants who are not present at the Awards Ceremony will lose the right to the Awards, being these deserted or passing to another contestant if so provided by the Jury in its deliberations.
The participants grant the Organization the right to record, distribute and rebroadcast in the different media the different phases of the Competition, ceding to the same any rights that may arise from such concepts.

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