Eva de canal sur

Eva de canal sur

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Although with 24 hours ahead, Eva González will have very easy to conduct this special program. And it is an extension of ‘Se llama copla’, the space that she has been presenting for several seasons on television. In addition, the model will have the opportunity to tell her experience in Ethiopia and to see some videos that were recorded during her stay. Undoubtedly, a challenge that the model has accepted without thinking.
Along with her, another well-known face, Juan y Medio. The presenter has also joined the initiative, thus also having his special space during the month of December. A period in which, in addition, Canal Sur will give the option to its viewers, with different formulas, to collaborate.
About her possible wedding with Cayetano, something that has been rumored for months. Eva, however, wanted to clarify that she is neither engaged nor, at the moment, have time to go to the vicarage: You can never say I won’t drink from this water, but at the moment we both have a lot of work, we are very focused on our careers and we are very well as we are; the truth is that I don’t think about it.

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Eva landed on Canal Sur from television in Malaga, her native province, and in her premiere she suffered a nervous breakdown in front of thousands of viewers, an incident that Juan y Medio solved with his usual humor.
Shortly after the birth of Edu, Eva divorced and has not been known partner, although there was talk of a possible relationship with Juan y Medio, rumors that both denied saying they are just great friends.
There’s less time left for #EstaEsTuNocheDesdeCasa5 ! @estaestunoche Monday from 22:30 on @canalsurradiotv and what is going to happen in the program is secret…but @Evaruizcanalsur has let something slip ♀️
In her social networks, the communicator usually breaks the ‘fourth wall’ to show her many followers -more than 31,800 on Instagram- the day to day of her profession. In addition, she shows her funniest and most personal side, giving great prominence to her beloved pet.

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Yes, last season, when we had to lock ourselves up at home, we did rely a lot on the virus. But now we have to look to the future. The virus is there, we know that, but we are going to look at life without it. With caution, but with optimism. Because don’t forget that people want to see joy in prime time. Everyone has their own tragedy at home and we want to be entertained. The virus is not very entertaining, that’s what news programs are for.
We always vindicate culture, our roots, traditions, gastronomy, artisan tasks that are being lost… We also have a social chronicle without being ‘Corazón, Corazón’, with a sense of humor and reporting on social work. There are bad people in this world, but also very good people, and it is good that we highlight them here in ‘La Tarde’. We want to have a good time on the program and transmit joy.
We saw you on the set of another of the network’s big hits, ‘Atrápame si puedes’, to record a promo with Juan y Medio, would you dare to participate in a special with well-known characters?

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Let me give you an example. There are people, especially older people, who have not been able to be artists due to various life circumstances. We are going to turn them into stars for a day and we are going to transform them and make them sing with the orchestra so that they feel happy.
It is nice to put the spotlight on the stories of anonymous people in prime time. It is about listening and paying tribute to Andalusians who are supportive, strong, fighters and examples to follow because this is real. They are not actors and it is not staged. Undoubtedly, it is an important bet of Canal Sur.
We can enjoy everything we have because they have left their body and soul. In ‘La tarde, aquí y ahora’ we have had many stories in which elderly people have not enjoyed themselves, even having to put up with selfish children who tell them that they do not want them to rebuild their lives.  You have to look at your heart, these people need to be happy how they want to be and not how other people say.

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