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José Coronado, has preferred to remain silent about the rumors of the possible breakup with Eugenia Martínez de Irujo. The actor decides to ‘elope’ in his car while the media is asking him about this topic: Breakup or estrangement?

The summer romance seems to have been just that, a summer romance. After a summer time in which they have remained separated, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo has decided to end her brief relationship with José Coronado.

Eugenia Martínez de Irujo left the audience open-mouthed wearing a white jumpsuit with transparencies during the Starlite gala held in Marbella last Saturday. Although she was not with her boyfriend, José Coronado, she became the star of the night. And that she posed fleetingly and did not say a word.

Alfonso Díez is having a sad summer after the loss of his wife, the Duchess of Alba. However, the widower goes ahead and talks about his summer plans without Cayetana, his health and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo’s relationship with José Coronado, to whom he wishes «all is for the best».

la guerre (360 degree video, incomplete version)

Coronado and Gonzalez have decided to relax in Ibiza, the island where Eugenia Martinez de Irujo, with whom the actor had a brief love affair, is a frequent visitor. However, the renowned actor has always been known for being very discreet about his romantic relationships.

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luz elena gonzalez remembers the nightmare she went through with

a romantic summer idyll. Now that the routine has returned to the lives of most of society (famous or not), the actor has also wanted to go back to school in the most sentimental level. Perhaps this has been the reason why she has been seen on several occasions with Elena Gonzalez de Prado (32), the one who has been his

the same gallant as always and that he does not like to lose «not even at cards». The proof of this is collected in «Diez Minutos» this week, where Coronado and the journalist share a table in a well-known restaurant in Madrid. After the meal, they shared a pleasant after-dinner conversation that ended with a motorcycle ride, where they got lost in the capital. See the

voices and stories, a city that communicates, corregimiento.

AwardsCandidate for the Goya Award for Best Supporting Male Actor (1999) and the Goya Award for Best New Actor (2003). He was winner of the Fotogramas de Plata for best television actor (1999). On February 19, 2012, he was awarded Best Male Performance at the Goyas for his work in No Habrá Paz Para los Malvados.In 2018, he premiered the series Vivir sin permiso

and Gigantes.Heart attackHe was admitted to the Hospital de la Princesa in Madrid on April 15, 2017 after suffering a heart attack from which he recovered.Couples and childrenHe has a son born in 1988, Nicolás, with model Paola Dominguín, and a daughter, Candela, born in 2002 from his relationship with singer Mónica Molina.He also had relationships withElena González de Prado (2010-2013) and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo (2015-2017).

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