Casa de pepe navarro ibiza

Casa de pepe navarro ibiza

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no longer generates the exorbitant amounts of ‘Tonight we cross the Mississippi’ (Telecinco), but business is not bad for him. He is still at the foot of a television production company and rejecting contracts to return to play in the first division.
nostalgia and doubts. There are many problems he has to face. For that reason, he insists privately, someone who knows him well, prefers to ignore anything that generates uneasiness or uneasiness: «To say that he is in ruins is not to know his standard of living. Now
It is, perhaps, his saddest chapter. He never thought that his relationship with Lorena would end up in court. He, as generous as he is personally romantic, never understood that the mother of his children wanted what did not belong to him. A mediating judge will clarify the ownership of the houses at stake, although in the absence of a conclusive decision, solvent sources assure ‘Corazón’ that it is possible that
23 of July-23 of AugustLeoAs fire element, with a will of power and very noble, they need to feel the center of admiration of the others, they possess a great capacity of organization and very responsible if they need to extreme their feelings they can get to dramatize in extreme some situations. See moreWhat do the stars have in store for me?

repor – ‘la iglesia de los gitanos’

Por fin ha terminado el estado de alarma. Después de más de medio año con movimientos limitados, podemos volver a movernos por toda España (con responsabilidad, claro). ¿Tienes una segunda casa a la que ir ahora que puedes, querido lector? Yo no, pero muchos famosos sí. Y por eso estoy aquí, para mostrarte las segundas residencias de los famosos del corazón.
A pesar de sus conflictos con Hacienda, Ana Duato mantiene a salvo una joya inmobiliaria: su casita en Ibiza. Se trata de un apartamento de 120 metros cuadrados situado en una de las zonas más exclusivas de la isla, Ses Salines, dentro de un espacio natural protegido y proclamado por ley del Parlamento Balear desde 2001. Conocemos la casa gracias a su Instagram y al de su nuera, la cantante Aitana. Tiene unas vistas increíbles, y un mobiliario moderno, discreto y lleno de colores neutros.

how did pepe navarro and ivonne reyes go from ‘love’ to ‘love’?

The media noise of last week was absorbed by Kiko Rivera and ‘la Veneno’. Perhaps that is why Pepe Navarro’s appearance on the successful ‘Mask Singer’, which sweeps on Wednesday nights despite being up against ‘La que se avecina’, has gone somewhat unnoticed.
Navarro, who had lashed out harshly against Antena 3, has become one of the star signings of this killer format of Korean origin produced by Fremantle and presented in our country by Arturo Valls.
Pepe Navarro signed two decades of anthological career between the late seventies and 1997. During his radiant youth, he triumphed in Radio Barcelona of Cadena SER, successfully jumped to TV with ‘Telediario’ and ‘La Tarde’ and even crossed the pond to present ‘La Noche’ in Miami for a channel that today has become the giant Univision.
These late show elements helped Telecinco in 1995 to give him the green light to ‘Esta noche cruzamos… el Mississippi’. And the program became the phenomenon of the moment for its mix of events, humor and sex.


With breathtaking views over a cliff and infinity pool, Pepe Navarro gets rid of one of the houses in which he has most enjoyed with his children and his ex-wife. A house that also has 10,000 hectares of land where the presenter had arranged all the luxuries to make the most of a house full of memories.
The rooms of the house are clearly separated. The dining room and the living room form completely independent corners in which to enjoy the summer and winter, thanks to the fireplace that rests in the living room.

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